Mini-Rumination: Another Mystery Solved

As an avowed leftist – which sounds a lot more subversive than it really is – The Curmudgeon is a fan of the magazine The American Prospect.  Like any publication that approaches subjects from an ideological perspective, it sometimes goes too far and verges on the foolish, but for the most part, it’s in the right places on most of the issues near and dear to The Curmudgeon’s heart.

Among the publication’s contributors, The Curmudgeon is still on the fence about Robert Kuttner, the magazine’s co-editor.  He’s right on some matters, silly on others, but probably an okay sort; like a lot of journalists, his writing suggests that he’s never worked in a business that actually aspires to make money and that he suspects that such enterprises are inherently evil.  In the December 2011 issue, though, he offers a truly profound statement about the Occupy Wall Street movement (which the publication dubs “OWS,” no doubt because everything sounds more important when you endow it with an acronym).   In a feature entitled “Protest and Possibility,” which you can find here, Mr. Kuttner writes:

OWS has put the Republican right, Fox, and friends in an exquisite bind.  The more they ridicule the protests, the clearer it is which side they’re on.

Thank goodness Mr. Kuttner cleared that up for us.  Without his insight, readers – including The Curmudgeon – might have mistakenly assumed that conservative America heartily endorsed the Occupy Wall Street movement and its scruffy participants.

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