Mini-Rumination: Dr. Drew Pinsky is a Putz

The Curmudgeon has long had an exceedingly low opinion of Dr. Drew Pinsky, the Hollywood shrink.  From his days on MTV’s “Loveline” to his repugnant program in which he broadcasts celebrities going through drug rehab, he has long represented the absolute worst that TV has to offer.  He is a fame whore in a lab coat and designer eyeglasses, willing to do pretty much anything that brings him attention and fame.  The Curmudgeon thought it would be impossible for Dr. Drew to do anything that would lower his opinion of this repulsive personality any further than it already was.

The Curmudgeon thought wrong.

While channel-surfing on Monday night, The Curmudgeon spotted Dr. Drew on CNN, speculating about whether the daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown might be predisposed to addictive behavior.

Just when you thought someone had gone as low as they could possibly go, they prove you wrong and go even lower.  The Curmudgeon cannot imagine what kind of craven impulse would lead someone to do such a thing.

Truly despicable, Dr. Pinsky.  Truly despicable.

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  • DJ Max Factor  On September 28, 2013 at 9:16 pm

    I concur.

    Fransn zol esn zayn layb!


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