Mini-Rumination: When It’s No Longer “Classic” Rock

It wasn’t always this way.  Once upon a time, when The Curmudgeon listened to a classic rock radio station, he viewed all the songs it played, even the ones he liked, as oldies – oldies as in “before his time.”

But regrettably, the day has finally come:  The Curmudgeon now recognizes the songs the local classic rock station plays because he remembers when they were new.

Last weekend, four straight songs:  Pink Floyd’s “Money,” Queen singing “You’re My Best Friend,” Eddie Money growling “Two Tickets to Paradise,” and Boston’s ever-present “More Than a Feeling.”

This is not a good thing.  The Curmudgeon remembers where he was and what he was doing in his life when all of these songs were the latest thing.

This is depressing.

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