The Encroachment of the Gun Nuts

A loyal reader informed The Curmudgeon recently that Groupon had made her a very special offer:  a one-year subscription to the magazine Garden & Gun for the low, low price of $10 a year.

At first The Curmudgeon thought nothing of it, but then – he can be a bit slow at times – the light bulb flickered into the “on” position:  Garden & Gun magazine?

Garden & Gun magazine?


The Curmudgeon laughed; this had to be spoof, he told himself.  Surely someone is making this up; there can’t possibly be a Garden & Gun magazine.

But Google does not lie.  It tracks your every move, it stalks your browsing, it wants to drag you into a dark room and abuse you in unspeakable ways, but it does not lie, and a quick search revealed that there is, in fact, a magazine called Garden & Gun that describes itself as “a celebration of southern lifestyle at its best, featuring the great outdoors, food, style, history, & travel.”


Articles in the April/May issue include “The Man Who Changed Fly Fishing Forever,” “Ted Turner:  Going Native,” “Sissy Spacek Opens Up,” and “Southern Butchers Have Serious Chops.”  And of course, the heart-warming “A Taste for the Hunt,” which is described as “A boy acquires a profound appreciation for the hunt” and features a photo of a lad about eleven or twelve years old holding a shotgun.

How touching.

You can’t make up stuff like this.  Who knows, maybe there’ll be a spin-off magazine:  Churches & Guns.  Or maybe Babies & Guns.  Or perhaps, for those who prefer their magazines with rhyming titles, Nuns & Guns.

Meanwhile, any beetles out there better be careful to stay out of southerners’ gardens, because if they threaten the spring planting, they could be on the receiving end of…


Garden & Gun magazine:  probably not at a newsstand near you.


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  • Scott  On June 11, 2012 at 7:10 am

    For $10 a year, I might succumb to this offer just to get a laugh once a month…but I shudder to think of what mailing lists I’d be added to down the road!

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