Mini-Rumination: They Must Grow Them Dumber in Louisiana

While expressing his dismay – his anger, his chagrin, his moral outrage, dammit! – over the Supreme Court’s hearty endorsement of President Obama’s health care reform law, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal told an audience that he feared about what’s next:  a tax on people not eating tofu?

Yes, Bobby, that’s exactly what’s next:  a tax on not eating tofu.  Them lib’rals who can’t shoot straight are now cooking up a scheme in which every single serving of Loosiana gumbo and jambalaya will, by law, be required to include tofu – or it will be taxed.

That’s strike two, Bobby.  In 2009, your broadcast response to a speech by President Obama made you a national laughingstock (see that speech here).  Now, you’ve demonstrated that when it comes to serious issues, you’re not interested in serious discourse; you’d much rather play the demagogue.

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