October News Quiz

  1. Richard Mourdock, the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Indiana, recently said that he opposes abortion even in cases of rape because “that life is a gift from God” and “I think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen.”  Mourdock also believes that:  a) the broken bones, bruises, physical pain, and mental anguish that women suffer when they are raped are a gift from god, too; b) the men who commit rapes are gifts from god; c) people who respond to statements like his with large political contributions are a gift from god; or d) he himself is gift from god?
  2. Earlier this month, writer Philip Roth noticed a mistake in his Wikipedia profile and contacted Wikipedia to seek a correction.  Wikipedia rejected his request because:  a) they’re too busy raising money to worry about accuracy; b) they said that if it’s on Wikipedia, it must be true; c) no one there ever heard of Philip Roth; or d) they said they would need a better source of information to confirm the accuracy of the requested correction?
  3. In Philadelphia, a math teacher harassed a student for wearing a “Romney for President” t-shirt.  The teacher did this because:  a) she supports President Obama’s bid for re-election; b) she teaches math, not civics, and has no idea what the constitution says about freedom of speech; c) she’s liberal but believes that liberalness does not extend to respecting views different from her own; or d) she thought the student’s purple t-shirt clashed with her green pants?
  4. In Italy, seven scientists were convicted of manslaughter because they failed to predict a 2009 earthquake that killed more than 300 people.  In light of this conviction, Italian authorities are now considering prosecuting:  a) the coach of the country’s national soccer team, because of his failure to lead the team to the 2010 World Cup; b) the Pope, for the failure of the Crusades during the middle ages; c) descendants of the architect who designed the Leaning Tower of Pisa; or d) the American company that makes Chef Boyardee products, for its disrespectful representation of Italian food?
  5. Researchers have discovered a steep decline in the percentage of Americans who identify themselves as Protestant.  They attribute this to:  a) the exceptionally high birth rate among Mexican-American Catholics; b) the mad American rush to embrace Islam; c) bar mitzvah envy; or d) Pat Robertson and the 700 Club?
  6. The Nobel Prize for literature was awarded to dissident Chinese writer Mo Yan because:  a) he’s a great writer; b) his writing is so unknown, and so obscure, that it will be hard for people to claim he didn’t deserve it because they’ve never heard of him or read any of his work; c) Danielle Steel withdrew her nomination; or d) President Obama hasn’t written a book in the last few years?
  7. The problem with diagnosing someone with ADD – attention deficit disorder – is:  a) there’s no definitive test and the diagnosis is subjective, which means it could be wrong; b) receiving such a diagnosis is viewed by some as giving young people a ready-made excuse for failure; c) there’s a fear that public school districts intentionally over-diagnose students with ADD to gain additional government funding; or d) what was the question again?
  8. Published reports suggest that the Dalai Lama said “fuck it” during a recent appearance at Brown University.  According to observers, the holy man was dismayed about:  a) flying coach from India to Providence; b) no complimentary breakfast at the Days Inn where he’s staying; c) no cute co-ed to conduct his campus tour; or d) crappy seats on the ten-yard line for the Brown-Dartmouth game?
  9. Researchers at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital have discovered a possible link between heavy consumption of coffee and glaucoma.  As a result of this news:  a) some people are drinking less coffee; b) as a precautionary measure, some people are drinking coffee with their eyes closed; c) Dunkin Donuts insists that its coffee only causes heartburn, not glaucoma; or d) Starbucks has announced a program in which customers receive free glaucoma-fighting eye drops after every ten purchases of a grande or venti?
  10. Next year, residents of Scotland will vote on whether to become independent of the United Kingdom.  The Scots want their freedom because:  a) they want to distance themselves from the naked prince and sunbathing princess; b) the queen and prime minister refuse to serve haggis at state dinners; c) lack of respect in England for Sheena Easton; or d) Prince Philip has been seen giggling at the sight of men wearing kilts?
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