On Second Thought…

So where were we?

Oh, yes:  The Four-Eyed Curmudgeon returns!

No, not by popular demand; this blog has even fewer readers than Charlie Rose has viewers (by the way:  Charlie Rose and a late-night time slot is a dangerous combination, don’t you think?  It should make the people who earn a living selling sleeping pills very, very nervous).

And no, not because all that short story writing The Curmudgeon stopped blogging to pursue didn’t pan out.  In fact, it’s going exceptionally well:  complete first drafts of three new stories, one older story finished, one older story started three years ago now ninety-nine percent finished, and one older story on which he’s had three false starts now nearly through its first truly complete draft.

And no, he didn’t miss you.


Instead, what The Curmudgeon found was that as he read newspapers and magazines and watched television and occasionally even talked to people – something he doesn’t really do that often – he kept coming upon things that made him think “That would be a really interesting thing to write about in my blog.”

Only there was no blog, and those ideas just seemed to bounce around in his brain with no way to escape.

So he’s back.  Kind of.

Same blog, same attitude, but a slightly different approach.

In deference both to his desire to blog with some degree of regularity and his interest in continuing with the short story writing, The Curmudgeon hopes to post new entries several times a week.  These new items, though, will be more along the lines of the “mini ruminations” that characterized this space in the past.  The longer pieces, he suspects, will be few and far between and will typically be mini-ruminations on steroids (that, by the way, happened the first time around, too:  something would start out intended as a mini-rumination and a half-hour later The Curmudgeon would look up and he’d have 800 words).  The point is to enjoy this form of expression without it consuming too much time, getting in the way of the short stories, or taking over an entire curmudgeonly life.  Balance, gentle readers:  The Curmudgeon is hoping to strike a new, better balance than he did in the past.

The monthly news quizzes, for which The Curmudgeon never received even one piece of positive feedback, will resume because he loves writing them and this is, after all, his blog and he’ll news quiz if he wants to, news quiz if he wants to…

It’s good to be back.

Okay, so maybe The Curmudgeon did miss you.

But just a little.  Don’t let it go to your head.

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