But Where’s Lucy?

Baseball is a very big deal here in Philadelphia these days.  Even spring training baseball – games that don’t even count – is a very big deal in Philadelphia these days.  The Curmudgeon should know:  he’s attended Phillies spring training in Clearwater, Florida on a number of occasions over the years.

Okay, so the lure of lying on a beach in March is at least part of the draw.

Baseball’s spring training is such a big deal in Philadelphia, in fact, that KYW radio, an all-news radio station, hires a special correspondent to file several reports every day on the players, the games, and the eternal optimism that fills every baseball fan’s heart at this time of year.

This special correspondent, whose regular job is as a member of the team’s Spanish-speaking broadcast team, has a big, booming, clear voice and a penchant for superficiality and cliché – normally not good qualities for a reporter but just right for a radio station that has built its reputation on superficiality and also probably appropriate for this time of year when every team starts off the season with the same record and the same theoretical chance of winning the World Series.

But when this particular correspondent signs off on his latest report, The Curmudgeon always breaks out into a big smile as the man booms, “In Clearwater with the Phillies, this is Ricky Ricardo for KYW news radio.”

Ricky Ricardo!  How can you not picture the smiling, broad-shouldered, much-beleaguered Desi Arnaz and how can you not wonder whether Lucy is trying some sneaky way of getting into his report?

Ricky Ricardo!

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