Disrespectful Congressman

The Curmudgeon imagines that no one would ever lose money betting against a member of Congress showing disrespect for the American people, but sometimes that disrespect is so blatant, so obnoxious, that it takes a very special brand of jackass to pull it off.

The jackass, in this case, is Congressman Paul Ryan, who recently proposed a bill that would abolish the federal health care reform law (the Affordable Care Act, or as some people prefer to call it, Obamacare) and turn Medicare essentially into a voucher support program in which the federal government would give seniors a voucher for a certain amount toward health insurance, leaving the seniors to pay the difference between the voucher amount and the cost of the insurance they want.

And if the seniors can’t afford that payments?  Well, that’s too bad, grandma.

Let’s put aside for a moment whether this is a good idea.  It’s an issue on which reasonable people may differ.  (Well, it isn’t, not really, but this particular commentary isn’t about health care reform.)

It’s much harder, though, to put aside the sheer disrespect that Congressman Ryan is showing to the American voters with this proposal.  Last year he ran for vice president saying the same things:  overturn the health care reform law and turn Medicare into a voucher program.  His side lost – lost big time, and lost in part because of this very idea, which was one of the biggest campaign issues.

And now, Ryan has the audacity to turn around, just four months after the election, just four months after the voters told him and his idea to take a hike, and introduce the very same proposal all over again in Congress.

You, the voter, have been disrespected by this man.  He’s telling you that what he wants is more important than the very, very clear message you sent to him, to everyone in Washington, last November.

Not nice.  Ryan has a reputation as a really smart guy, and for all The Curmudgeon knows he may be, but he’s also apparently a pretty bad guy, too.

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