October News Quiz

  1. The web site Salon.com recently fact-checked a Sean Hannity broadcast in which Hannity railed about how Obamacare was hurting his guests and their businesses and found that the individuals and businesses weren’t really being hurt at all.  Hannity responded that:  a) that’s just liberal media bias; b) his guests didn’t really understand the harm Obamacare was causing them; c) his viewers aren’t interested in the facts; or d) are too, are too?
  2. Former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice has been named to a committee that will select the teams that participate in a college football playoff series in 2014.  Rice was chosen because:  a) it’s widely known that she’s a very big football fan; b) she has some serious down time on her hands these days now that no one’s interested in anything she says or does; c) Iran and Iraq want to settle things once and for all on the gridiron and a former diplomat might be helpful; or d) she’s a loyal rubber stamp of decisions made by others?
  3. Kris Jenner’s Fox TV talk show was canceled because:  a) the guests hated her; b) the crew hated her; c) the viewers hated her; or d) America hates her?
  4. The Obama administration has justified NSA spying on American allies and hacking large internet data centers by claiming that:  a) it’s doing so for national security purposes; b) it needs to do everything it can to ensure our safety and national defense; c) if Google can read people’s emails, so can we; or d) we’re Democrats, we’re the good guys, so if we’re doing it, it must be okay?
  5. McDonalds has announced that for two weeks in November it will replace the toys that accompany children’s happy meals with books.  Those books will be about:  a) the health benefits of a high-fat diet; b) the health benefits of a high-sodium diet; c) the health benefits of a diet with large amounts of high fructose corn syrup; or d) the health benefits of eating two hamburgers a large order of fries when you were only planning to eat one hamburger and a regular order of fries?
  6. The state of Missouri has discontinued using the drug propofol to execute prisoners because future supplies of the drug are in question because its European manufacturers don’t want their product, also used as an anesthetic, to be associated with executions.  Instead of propofol, Missouri will use:  a) the electric chair; b) a firing squad; c) the hammer that Moe always used to hit Shemp; or d) it will force death row prisoners to watch twenty consecutive episodes of Nancy Grace’s television show alone in a locked room with a loaded handgun and let the prisoners take care of business themselves?
  7. A new study suggests that Oreos are as addictive as cocaine.  As a result:  a) Oreos have been criticized by Michelle Obama; b) Oreos are being banned by schools; c) Oreos have disappeared from supermarket shelves and a single package now has a street value of $18,500; or d) drug addicts have been spotted on street corners snorting black powder?
  8. Kentucky senator Rand Paul, an avowed opponent of federal government spending, supported including $2.9 billion in the federal shutdown bill to complete a $775 million dam project in his state.  Paul said he supported the funding even though he opposes such government spending because:  a) my beliefs only apply to spending in other states, not in Kentucky; b) do what I say, not what I do; c) but this is a good project, not a bad project like the ones in blue states like New York and California; or d) a guy’s gotta get re-elected, right?
  9. The Jonas Brothers recently canceled a major concert tour because:  a) no one was buying tickets; b) they were told that lip-synching would not be permitted; c) they discovered that they weren’t really brothers; or d) they heard their own music and vowed never, ever to perform again?
  10. Has-been rocker Ted Nugent will serve as co-chairman of the campaign committee of a Republican candidate for agriculture commissioner of Texas; that office is generally considered the second most important elected position in that state’s government.  Nugent’s candidate will pledge to encourage people to:  a) own lots of guns; b) use those guns often; c) feel free to interpret the U.S. constitution however they wish, regardless of what the constitution actually says; or d) support changing the Texas state song from “Texas, Our Texas” to “Cat Scratch Fever”?
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