Refreshing (Yet Obnoxious) Honesty

The not-so-good folks at LinkedIn are constantly sending The Curmudgeon notices about jobs that would not interest him unless he was uncertain of the source of his next meal or for which he is not remotely qualified.  Surely they have their reasons, but The Curmudgeon suspects that something is seriously wrong with whatever algorithms they employ that lead to these profoundly misdirected missives.

Job descriptions are written by headhunters, and headhunters are people who are not at all shy about attempting to mislead people if it will help them get what they want.  They’re full of fluff, emphasizing the positive, the optimistic, often at the expense of the truth.

That’s why The Curmudgeon found it almost heartening recently to read one of the job descriptions LinkedIn sent him from a company called IMS Health.  Among other things, this job description said that

We don’t simply think about careers, we think about contributions.

No fluff there, no attempt to gild the lily.  What IMS Health is saying, The Curmudgeon believes, is “We’re interested in what you can do for us, not in what we can do for you.”

Based on this tidbit of information The Curmudgeon suspects that IMS Health would probably not be a very good place to work but he at least gives the folks there points for honesty.

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