A Bad Guy Makes an Interesting Observation

Charles Krauthammer is a syndicated national columnist.  The Curmudgeon tends not to have a very high opinion of people who offer their opinion for a living – in case you thought otherwise, The Curmudgeon doesn’t make a dime writing this crap – and Krauthammer tends to come across as a miserable human being, a hater.  It’s not just that he’s too conservative for The Curmudgeon’s tastes; it’s more that he just comes across so…nasty.

But Krauthammer recently made an interesting observation that The Curmudgeon thought was worth sharing:

What is it about women that causes leading Republicans to grow clumsy, if not stupid?  When even savvy, fluent, attractively populist Mike Huckabee stumbles, you know you’ve got trouble.  Having already thrown away eminently winnable Senate seats in Missouri and Indiana because of moronic talk about rape, the GOP might have learned.  You’d think.

Huckabee wasn’t quite as egregious, just puzzling and a bit weird.  Trying to make a point about Obamacare mandating free contraceptives, he inexplicably began speculating that the reason behind the freebie was the Democrats’ belief that women need the federal government to protect them from their own libidos.

Bizarre.  I can think of no Democrat who has ever said that, nor any liberal who even thinks that.  Such a theory, when offered by a conservative, is quite unfortunately self-revealing.

Amen, The Curmudgeon says.

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