Real Congressional Material

In Pennsylvania, six-term Congressman Jim Gerlach decided that he didn’t want a seventh, thereby opening the political floodgates for political opportunities right and left.  Among them is a guy named Mike Parrish, a Democratic businessman.

In a written statement announcing his candidacy, Parrish stated that:

Congress refuses to take on the tough fights.  There is no excuse for shutting down the government instead of coming up with solutions. My father always taught me to ‘put up, or shut up.’ And, that’s why I’m running for Congress, to hold Washington accountable – to our veterans, our seniors, and our economy.

Just what we need:  a walking cliché who announces, with no apparent shame, that he’s going to focus on serving a few narrow interest groups and the rest of his constituents be damned.

clichesCome to think of it, Mr. Parrish will fit right in as a member of Congress.

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