Democracy in Action

In New Jersey, the top elected officials in a county are known as “freeholders.”  The Curmudgeon lives in Burlington County, and last week, one of Burlington County’s freeholders announced that she was resigning her position to take a full-time job working for the county’s community college.

Ordinarily, this would be enough to raise The Curmudgeon’s hackles, first because it looks really, really bad for a college to hire an elected official who’s responsible for helping to fund that institution and second because, even though the freeholder resigned her elected position, she insisted that despite doing so, she did not see holding both jobs as a conflict of interest at all.

But there’s plenty of hackle-raising antics in this situation, and what’s put a burr in The Curmudgeon’s saddle in this particular case is that because the resigning freeholder was a Republican, the county’s Republican Party gets to choose her successor.

Not the voters.

Not the remaining freeholders.

Not even a panel of judges.

The party:  people whom no one even elected dog-catcher get to appoint one of the top elected officials in the county – an official who helps develop and approve budgets, decides which townships get money and services, and awards contracts.

This may be some people’s idea of democracy – like, say, Vladimir Putin.  The Curmudgeon, on the other hand, thinks it’s incredibly anti-democratic and symbolizes the kind of small minds that run small, unaccountable governments.

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  • Wendy  On March 24, 2014 at 6:56 am

    We want George Nprcross indicted on a RICO take his Cronies too. Norcross is Evil. We the people want him gone

    His buddy Cory Booker is a sneak and Norcross is planning on taking over the US. Government. He needs to be stopped now before his brother Donald cheats and wins the elections which are rigged in NJ. The FEDs and Justice department don’t care. They allow this criminal to rise up Norcross is worse than Hitler, Putin, and all evil dictators.

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