Rape Charges an “Unneeded Distraction”?

By now we all know well the story of the sex abuse scandals at Penn State University: the football coach, and then former football coach, being given run of the university to satisfy his appetite for little boys. As we now know, everybody apparently knew but nobody said or, heaven forbid, actually did anything about it lest they besmirch or damage a successful football program – because that is, after all, what matters most at many universities, right? Through what seems like almost accidental justice, the child molester is now in jail, the university president, athletic director, legendary football coach, and others lost their jobs, some of those involved face criminal and civil charges, and the university’s reputation has been sullied.

It’s taken more than a year to find a permanent replacement for the university’s president, and that replacement comes from Florida State University. That’s worth noting because Florida State experienced its own sexual assault scandal last year when the school’s star quarterback was accused of sexual assault. As the episode unfolded, it appeared to be another case of neither university officials nor local law enforcement showing any meaningful interest in investigating the charge – or even taking it seriously –even though there apparently was a good deal of physical evidence, including DNA, witnesses, and a video.

On Sunday the Philadelphia Inquirer ran a column about this unfortunate situation – the school with indifference to sexual assault hiring as its new president a man who apparently shares that indifference when it comes to star football players. It was a good column, probing and questioning. The problem The Curmudgeon had with it was its headline:

Florida State case unneeded distraction for Penn State

Now The Curmudgeon knows that columnists don’t write their own headlines, and it’s clear that the headline writer didn’t read the column, but it does make one wonder.

Do you think the Florida rape victim views the charges she attempted to file as a “needless distraction?”

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