The Latest Bobblehead

(With apologies to non-Philadelphians and non-sports fans but, well, it’s Sunday, and this site has even fewer visitors on Sundays than it does the rest of the week.)

 The local (Philadelphia) sports talk radio station, that bastion of narrow-mindedness and incivility, is promoting its latest product:  the Angelo Cataldi bobblehead, in honor of its loudest and most narrow-minded and uncivil host.  The station is boasting that “a portion of the proceeds” of the sale of the bobbleheads will go to a charity, but when someone boasts of “a portion” and doesn’t say what that portion is, you can be pretty sure it’s miniscule.

Anyhow, The Curmudgeon has seen these bobbleheads, and the first thing that struck him when he picked one up was how much lighter it is than most of the other bobbleheads he’s seen.

And then he realized why.

Like the blowhard who modeled for it, the head is hollow.

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  • Scott, (Friend of Mr. Goldberg)  On June 23, 2014 at 6:13 am

    I agree totally.

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