The Verdict is In: Donald Trump Couldn’t Run a Successful Casino if His Life Depended on It

Donald Trump – “the Donald,” as he has come to be known – has somehow developed a reputation as a great businessman.

But it’s a reputation that’s built on smoke and mirrors, on sound and fury signifying absolutely, positively nothing. It’s as full of hot air as, well, as whatever that is that adorns The Donald’s scalp.

Previously in this space The Curmudgeon has described the four times – four times! – The Donald had to take his Atlantic City casinos into bankruptcy just to save them.

trumpBut The Donald is a real achiever, so he’s not done just yet, and this week it was announced that Trump Plaza, the last of The Donald’s three Atlantic City casinos will close its doors in September.

That’s right: a business enterprise with the The Donald’s name on it has failed.


Oh, The Donald will squawk about how gambling in the surrounding states has cannibalized Atlantic City’s business, which is absolutely true, but the real story is that once Atlantic City lost its monopoly on casino gambling, its casinos had to compete for customers and some of them competed more successfully than others. If the pie is smaller, which it is, some have managed to keep their piece or to grab a bigger piece while some have floundered and failed.

Like Trump Plaza.

There was a competition for casino gambling business in Atlantic City and Donald Trump, that great, great businessman, that legend in his own mind, lost.

Lost big time.

Because as he has proven in the past, The Donald couldn’t run a successful casino to save his life.


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