Turnabout is Fair Play

For years Democratic candidates for public office (and their supporters) have been criticizing some of their Republican opponents for being wealthy and out of touch – witness how Democrats treated Mitt Romney and John McCain before him. Republicans have always bridled at the accusation, insisting it was untrue…

…but apparently are not above using the same tactic when the wingtip’s on the other foot. That’s what’s happening in Pennsylvania right now, where the Republican governor, Tom Corbett, has taken to calling his Democratic opponent “millionaire Tom Wolf.”

It reeks of hypocrisy yet only seems fair in light of the degree to which Democrats have used the tactic over the years.

And by the way, apropos of absolutely nothing, The Curmudgeon can’t help it but every time he hears the name of Pennsylvania’s governor he immediately thinks of the man Mrs. Livingston referred to as “Mr. Eddie’s father.”


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