Republicans Run “Nanny States” Too

Any time a legislative body passes a law or a regulatory agency issues a requirement that appears to show concern for the welfare of people, you can pretty much count on some Republican declaring that the law or regulation is a sign of a “nanny state” – liberal government coddling its citizens instead of letting them sink or swim on their own merits. (And because heaven forbid government actually care about the people.)

The Curmudgeon got to thinking about this recently when his brother, who lives in the same condo development as his older sibling, lamented how much he missed grilling in his yard.

In the condo development in which the brothers reside, grilling is not prohibited. The rule is that people may operate charcoal grills or electric grills but must situate their grill at the far end of their driveway, closest to the street, with a visible fire extinguisher present at all times. Gas grills are prohibited.

Pretty strict condo development, huh?

Well, no, not exactly.

It turns out that the rule isn’t a rule: it’s a law – a nanny state requirement if ever there was one in a town that has a Republican mayor and an all-Republican council and has been dominated by Republicans for more than generation except for one person who was elected mayor as a Democrat – and then promptly changed his registration to Republican, proving once again that you can, indeed, fool most of the people at least some of the time. (And for the record: this isn’t about The Curmudgeon being unhappy about the limits on his own grilling. He may be the only native-born American male ever who has no interest in cooking on a grill.)

So Marlton, New Jersey, owned and operated by Republicans, has its own nanny state requirements. It could trust people to exercise reasonable judgment about their grilling practices, but instead, it chooses to treat them like third-graders and impose highly prescriptive rules upon them.

So the next time you hear a Republican complain about Democrats trying to turn America into a nanny state…

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