Hey, Texans

Since Texas introduced oppressive regulations that make it almost impossible for any facility that performs abortions to continue operating, the state has 75 percent fewer such facilities than it did just two years ago. Now, only eight such facilities must serve a state with a population of more than twenty-six million people spread out over 269,000 square miles.


In 2013, forty-two percent of all executions performed in the U.S. were carried out in Texas.

And twenty-seven percent of Texans have no health insurance – the highest rate in the country. Despite this, Texas has repeatedly – and with true Texas bravado – gleefully and enthusiastically rejected the opportunity offered by the federal health care reform law to expand its Medicaid program at no cost to the state’s taxpayers for several years and at just minimal cost thereafter.

So Texans, please, can you tell us when you’re going to start caring as much about the living as you do about the unborn and dead?

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