“Old School”?

As he has written in the past, The Curmudgeon, apparently terminally single, occasionally uses internet dating web sites in an attempt to cure that condition. It’s a tough road to travel, far more suited to those with style than those of us forced to rely on mere substance. He marvels at some of the qualities upon which some women in his dating pool absolutely insist: some are looking for men in their fifties, for example, with a full head of hair, or who live within five miles of them or who are ten years younger than they are or who will go zip-lining or bungee-jumping with them or who can’t wait to get to know their eight dogs and four cats or who have a Harley or…

You get the picture.

The way these sites work, for those of you fortunate enough not to need them, is that people fill out a questionnaire and upload a photo or two, all of which is assembled into a profile available for other people to read. If you like what you read – or, as usually seems the case, if you like the pictures – you can write to that person. Some profiles say virtually nothing; some, like that of The Curmudgeon, are long and detailed enough that it’s probably best to get a drink and maybe even a snack (not to mention your reading glasses, because we’re getting old, people) before you sit down to read them. Some are straightforward and dry, some are upbeat and enthusiastic, some are angry, and some demonstrate a degree of ignorance that is downright scary; The Curmudgeon wrote a while back about the latter, so if you think he’s exaggerating, look here.

And some, like a profile The Curmudgeon read earlier this week, are pretty funny. This particular woman, in response to a question about what she would like to do on a first date with someone new, wrote that she was looking for someone “old school,” which she described as the man bringing her a single rose on that first meeting, taking her out for dinner and dancing, and then sending her a sweet text message the next morning.

Yes, old school. Because when our fathers started courting our mothers, that’s exactly what they did: they sent mom a nice text after their first date.

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  • Peaches Shimmerdeep  On October 18, 2014 at 6:30 pm

    Hilarious link! I feel your pain, Mudge.

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