No Go on BOGO

As you might imagine, The Curmudgeon is not at all happy about some of the things that are happening to the English language. He still hasn’t adjusted to LOL, although he does get a kick out of LOLMAO, because if you’re going to LOL, why not L long enough and loudly enough and enthusiastically enough to LYAO?

He’s also not thrilled with YOLO and BOGO. Even so, he’d like to see a little more consistency in their use – especially with BOGO.

bogoAs The Curmudgeon understands it, BOGO stands for “Buy one, get one,” implying “Buy one, get one free.” Now, though, he’s seeing advertisements that use BOGO and announce “Buy one, get one half off.”

Stop the madness! This is not right. It’s a perversion of the already-perverse BOGO, and The Curmudgeon doesn’t want to see a perversion of a perversion because YOLO and you want to know that what the terms mean today-o they also will mean tomorrow-o.

And he also thinks terms like LOLMAO and BOGO and YOLO need a graphic symbol of some sort.

You know: a logo.

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