Sexism Rears its Ugly Head in a Most Unlikely Place

New Hampshire has a female governor and two female U.S. senators and both of its members of the U.S. House of Representatives are women. Women of both parties have made it big in New Hampshire politics and it certainly seems that the barriers to higher office have fallen in that state.

But not all of the barriers. There’s still one barrier left.

The stupidity barrier.

Today, that stupidity barrier has a name: it’s Steve Vaillancourt, a state representative who for some reason thinks that misogyny is the way to go in a state that continually chooses women as its leaders.

In his blog, Vaillancourt took out his crayons and wrote the following about one of the state’s incumbent U.S. House members, Ann Kuster, and her opponent, Marilinda Garcia:

How attractive is Marilinda Garcia?  You know how opposition ad makers usually go out of their way to find a photo of the opponent not looking his or her best.  Well…Democrats and Annie Kuster supporters can’t seem to find a photo of Marilinda Garcia looking bad at all.

As for Annie….oh as for Annie…and before I continue, I offer that caution, caution, caution, again.

Let’s be honest.  Does anyone not believe that Congressman Annie Kuster is as ugly as sin?  And I hope I haven’t offended sin.

Ms. Garcia immediately disavowed the comments and so did the chair of the state’s Republican party – another woman – but anyone expecting a sincere apology from the knuckle-scraping state representative shouldn’t hold his breath: during a debate on voter identification laws a few years ago Vaillancourt on three occasions declared “sieg heil,” and no one bought the obviously insincere apology he reluctantly offered when it was demanded of him.

The people of New Hampshire seem to know what they’re doing, though, so The Curmudgeon suspects they will soon inform Vaillancourt that his service in public office is no longer required.

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