An Interesting Bit About Chris Christie

In the household of New Jersey governor Chris Christie, Mrs. Christie does most of the cooking.

Except for the mashed potatoes, for which the Mrs. steps aside and lets the gov take over.

And Chris Christie’s mashed potatoes recipe, which his wife says is the best ever?

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer,

So what does it involve, besides peeled potatoes? Boiled and pureed rutabaga, butter, sour cream, cream cheese, Romano cheese, milk and heavy cream.


And sour cream?

And creamed cheese?

AND cheese?

AND heavy cream?

And four hours after eating this, when the people who ate those mashed potatoes are finally able to move again…

At the very least, this may give us a little more insight into what makes Chris Christie tick.

And also what is probably jeopardizing his ticker.

And speaking of tickers, while The Curmudgeon would like to speculate about what else this recipe may mean, he’ll have to do that another time because just reading this list of ingredients makes him think maybe he should stop writing and start searching for a cardiologist who can give him a good once-over because he thinks he can feel his arteries clogging just thinking about a plate of Chris Christie mashed potatoes.



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