In Defense of…Chris Christie?!



New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was born and raised within an hour’s drive of the home stadiums of three professional football teams: the New York Giants, the New York Jets, and the Philadelphia Eagles. Despite this, his favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys.

This is not news. It’s been known by anyone who pays attention to such things for at least as long as he’s been governor, but his passion for the Cowboys received a new level of attention when, during a nationally broadcast game last week between those Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles, the television cameras caught Christie on more than one occasion sitting in a luxury booth with the owner of the Cowboys and cheering on his favorite team.

And Philadelphians were not at all happy.

Former Philadelphia mayor and Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell called Christie “pathetic” and said Christie’s support for the Cowboys reflected an “inferiority complex.”

Rendell also said that

If you are a Jerseyite or a Pennsylvanian and you’re rooting for the Cowboys, it means you’re not secure in yourself and you wanted to root for a team that was a team in your youth that was a constant winner.

Rendell also called Christie a “wuss,” which is now apparently is an actual word, or at least passing for one.

A columnist for the Allentown Morning Call wrote that he once liked Christie but has changed his mind, declaring that “Now, he’s dead to me.”

Seriously, that’s what he wrote: “Now, he’s dead to me.”

Former Philadelphia Eagles coach Dick Vermeil threw in his two cents worth, too.

How about Governor Christie … I was pissed, I’ll tell you that. My wife and I looked at each other. I said, ‘How dumb can a governor be?

Is it worth noting that Vermeil’s loyalty to Philadelphia didn’t prevent him from accepting coaching jobs with not one but two other teams and he coached against the Eagles team he professes to love?

Philadelphia city councilman Jim Kenney tweeted that

Chris Christie is sitting on his very large ass next to [Cowboys owner] Jerry Jones in his box at the Linc. You suck! Kissing Texas ass for 2016. Awful!

And just to be sure people understood how displeased he was, Kenney tweeted again:

Hey fat assed Christie, kiss Jerry Jones’ ass in his box in Dallas. Not across the river from Philly.

That’s a lot of tweets from a public official who, only a few years ago, as The Curmudgeon once wrote, declared that he wasn’t bright enough to figure out how to tweet.

And now, he’s offered proof of that lack of brightness. Can you believe a public official conducts himself like this over someone’s choice of a favorite football team? A football team?

And one of the local newspapers, never shy about jumping on a bandwagon, no matter how stupid that bandwagon may be, published this editorial cartoon:

Christie-1024Aside from the extremely narrow parochialism that’s the specialty of Philadelphia, along with its collective inferiority complex, the perception is that Christie became a Cowboys fan at a time when the Philadelphia team was terrible, the Cowboys were good, and he wanted to root for a winning team. Christie’s explanation of his allegiance, which The Curmudgeon learned about years ago, is far simpler: that when he was nine years old he was so smitten with the play of one Dallas player, quarterback Roger Staubach, that he became a fan of the entire team.The Curmudgeon remembers Staubach well, and he has to admit that Christie has a damn good reason for becoming a Cowboys fan. As an Eagles fan The Curmudgeon hated Staubach but he certainly appreciated him: he was a wonderful player and more fun to watch than ninety-nine percent of the professional football players who’ve stepped onto the field of play in the past forty-five years.

Christie, of course, should have ignored the noise and for once in his life just kept his big mouth shut, but that’s not the nature of this particular beast, so ultimately, he showed the same poor judgment and temperament that confirms that he’s not a guy you want in charge of your country’s armed forces when something bad happens overseas because he’s so clearly a ready-shoot-aim kind of guy. Instead of saying nothing, which would have been the smart thing to do, Christie decided to antagonize his antagonists, declaring that he was going to travel to Dallas and join the owner of the Cowboys in his private box yet again and cheer with him for the team.

Notwithstanding his juvenile (but typical) response to all this nonsense, The Curmudgeon is with Christie on this one. People should be allowed to root for whatever team they want without being called all sorts of vile names.

At least on this matter, Christie’s critics need to grow up. People should be allowed to have their favorite actors, their favorite singers, their favorite flavors of ice cream, and yes, their favorite football teams, without needing to pass a silly litmus test. The people who have belittled Christie – the former mayor, the former football coach, the columnist, the editorial cartoonist, the city councilman, and so many others – are all wrong and acting like idiots. They and so many others who have felt so obligated to express their disapproval over Christie’s allegiance to his favorite football team need to grow up and act like adults.


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