Some Serious High-Tech Medical Equipment

Last week The Curmudgeon made his semi-annual visit to the ophthalmologist – yes, his eyesight is so bad he needs to go twice a year – and discovered a new tool the staff uses for eye exams.
eye examHe gets a formal refraction and vision exam once a year and the other visit is devoted to exploring various eye health issues. During the non-refraction, non-vision exam visit, before the doctor arrives a technician does a brief, informal vision exam, just to make sure nothing drastic has happened.

For part of that exam you read an eye chart while wearing your glasses. So that you read with just one eye, they put…

…are you ready for this?

..white correction tape over the lens over the eye they want to cover.

All that high-tech equipment in that office – and The Curmudgeon is often astounded at how much of that equipment they use on him – and the tool they use as part of an eye exam is…correction tape.


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