June News Quiz

  1. In his dissent from the Supreme Court decision that rejected the latest challenge to Obamacare, Justice Antonin Scalia described the reasoning of the majority opinion as: a) “applesauce” and “jiggery-pokery”; b) “incense and peppermint”; c) “Peaches and Herb”; or d) “flummadiddle and schmegeggy”?
  2. A new law in North Carolina requires women seeking an abortion to wait 72 hours after receiving counseling on options to abortion because: a) state officials insist that just because the state still employs the death penalty doesn’t mean they don’t hold all human life sacred; b) 135 of the 170 members of the state legislature are men so they don’t really give a damn what women want; c) North Carolina is in the south and doesn’t feel at all bound by things like Supreme Court decisions; or d) officials feared their state would become known as “the liberal Carolina”?
  3. NBC announced that instead of returning as anchor of its evening news broadcast, Brian Williams will: a) become a field reporter; b) move to MSNBC; c) co-star with Michael Richards, Dustin Diamond, Steve Seagall, Gary Busey, Shannen Doherty, and Tara Reid in the new NBC sitcom Misfits Like Us; or d) or be featured in the next season of Celebrity Apprentice?
  4. Republicans are proposing that birth control pills become over-the-counter purchases because: a) they believe they should be more available to those who want them; b) they realize they need to support their anti-abortion beliefs with greater access to tools to prevent unwanted pregnancies; c) anything that might stop those people from having so damn many babies is worth a try; or d) they want to help their campaign contributors from the insurance companies get off the hook for billions of dollars a year in prescription birth control expenses and pass the cost along to poor women instead?
  5. Country singer Toby Keith said that tighter gun control wouldn’t have prevented the church murders in Charleston and that even countries like Norway that have strict gun laws still have murders because: a) he had no way of knowing that there were only 88 gun deaths in Norway (population five million) in all of 2012 but there were 158 homicides in country music capital Nashville (population 600,000) in 2006 and 2007 alone; b) he thinks large numbers of gun murders are a reasonable price to pay for the freedom to own guns; c) he’s been wearing that big cowboy hat way too tight for way too long; or d) he’s a country singer – what did you expect?
  6. Aramark, the school and office cafeteria company, has been named the official retail provider of Pope Francis’s upcoming visit to Philadelphia. The company expects its most popular retail item to be: a) Hostess snack cake hosts; b) a Bath and Body Works “pope on a rope”; c) Oreos communion wafers; or d) a priest doll with eyes that light up every time it sees a boy under the age of twelve?
  7. While talking about Women’s World Cup soccer, ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith said that female players turn their heads while defending against free kicks because “They might not have wanted to mess their hair.” Smith later defended his remarks as: a) just a joke; b) an honest observation based on what he had seen; c) just repeating what others are saying; or d) it’s no big deal, I’m black and you know black folks aren’t at all sensitive about comments about our hair?
  8. A new Republican proposal would take responsibility for air traffic control out of the hands of the Federal Aviation Administration and give it to the private sector. Republicans want to turn the job over to: a) McDonalds, because it’ll hire all minimum wage workers, be incredibly efficient, and do a perfectly mediocre job; b) Halliburton, because it did such a great job in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq; c) AIG, because when it mismanages its business it won’t be shy about asking for a bailout; or d) Ford, because it won’t say anything even if it screws up and people die as a result of its screw-ups?
  9. Only three days after 14 people employed by or affiliated with FIFA, the governing body of international soccer, were indicted on 47 counts of racketeering, wire fraud, and money-laundering, members of the organization voted to: a) commission an independent investigation of the charges; b) reconsider every decision that falls under the cloud of the indictments; c) change the color of soccer balls to divert attention from the scandal; or d) re-elect as their president the man who has led the organization for the past 17 years?
  10. The infant mortality rate in Philadelphia is higher than it is in: a) Zimbabwe; b) North Korea; c) Cuba; or d) Tunisia, Mongolia, Egypt, Micronesia, Algeria, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Paraguay, Samoa, Peru, the Dominican Republic, the Philippines, Syria, Jordan, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, Jamaica, Albania, Mexico, Thailand, Botswana, Costa Rica, Lebanon, Poland, Serbia, and South Korea?
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