So Maybe It Wasn’t “Superstorm Sandy,” But…

Last week the Philadelphia area got whomped but good by a major storm: at times torrential rain accompanied by high winds. At Philadelphia International Airport they clocked the top wind at seventy-one miles an hour – the fifth highest they’ve ever recorded there. For the better part of three days more than 250,000 people in the region were without power, including one regular visitor to this space who was without power for five days. A few thousand were still without power yesterday morning, six days after the storm.

The Curmudgeon did not escape unscathed, either: he was without internet access or cable television for three days. Alas, he survived.

While it wasn’t as bad as Hurricane Sandy – although The Curmudgeon was without power for three days after that storm – it was pretty bad for a lot of people. At lunch time yesterday The Curmudgeon found his camera – no camera phone for him, as you might imagine – and got into his car and went out to take pictures of the aftermath of the storm six days after its last drop of rain fell. All of the pictures that follow were taken within walking distance of his home.


This tree fell about a half-block away.



And just down the block from that one, the tree that formerly occupied this space fell as well, bringing up, in one huge piece, about a ten-foot block of sidewalk.



Same scene, different angle. The rain softened the soil and the wind did the rest.



All around the neighborhood, new stumps.



And the streets filled with piles of branches that either came down from the force of the storm or needed to be cut down because of the storm’s effects.



This was a massive tree that pulled out a huge, twenty-foot strip of sidewalk and nearly hit the house on its way down.



Same tree, the underbelly of the beast.


Same tree, different angle. It was just like when your kid sister opened the ketchup bottle that you couldn’t budge: sure, the wind finished the job, but the rain loosened it.



And finally, this one was in the development where The Curmudgeon lives. The wind just snapped it off.

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