The Airlines: Loving You Up, As Always

The Curmudgeon has written on several occasions about airlines: his least favorite industry and the only one he can think of that seems to really, really, really dislike its customers. (Read those other observations here, here, here, and, oh yes, here, too.)

And once in a while you hear stories that confirm that view.

A friend recently took a three-legged trip, part business, part pleasure.

The first flight, from Philadelphia to Las Vegas (the business part!), began with a two-and-a-half hour delay.

All of it in the plane and out on the runway and tarmac.

And never an explanation.

Leg two of the trip was from Las Vegas to Chicago, again a delay of more than two hours before taking off.

And never an explanation.

Leg three of the trip was from Chicago back to Philadelphia, an on-time departure and arrival.

On time for the passenger, that is, but not, alas, for her luggage.

The airline eventually tracked down the luggage and promised it would be delivered by 1:45.

In the morning.

The luggage-less passenger confirmed her home address as the place to which the luggage should be delivered. She was sent a text message with a photo of the courier, since people don’t usually have strangers knocking on their doors at 1:45 a.m.

At 2:00 a.m. the luggage-less passenger received a text message showing the luggage sitting on her doorstep.

The doorstep of her office. Not her home.

And that, folks, is the U.S. airline industry: making friends every day.

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