He Should Be Fired

Ashton Carter is secretary of defense. Last week we learned that he was using a personal email account to conduct some official business.

carterCarter assumed his position in February and continued to use his personal email account for five months – including two months after the start of the fuss over Hillary Clinton using her own private email account, and her own private email server, to conduct all of her official business.

While The Curmudgeon is willing to give Carter the benefit of the doubt and accept that he used impeccable judgment in not sharing any classified information through his private email account, he thinks Carter should probably be fired.

Not for sending classified material over the account, because we don’t know that.

And not for possibly violating any government policy about the use of non-government email for government business, because that’s fuzzy at best.

And not even for the bad judgment of doing this in the first place.

No, The Curmudgeon thinks Carter should probably be fired for sheer stupidity because he didn’t stop using his personal email as soon as the Clinton kerfuffle began. A guy who can’t figure out that kind of thing seems unlikely to have the kind of judgment we need in a secretary of defense.

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  • aaron  On December 23, 2015 at 7:40 am

    Many people in the Military community..current and former…we’re against his appointment..

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