A Leftover From “Education Week”

While preparing for his recent “Education Week” extravaganza, The Curmudgeon read a Washington Monthly magazine article titled “Rethinking the Bachelor’s Degree” in which the writer suggested that the way we currently approach undergraduate education and employment might be outdated and ripe for change.   Her argument was neither convincing nor particularly interesting, but one thing The Curmudgeon did find interesting was her use of two of her nephews as examples of individuals who might better be served by a different system. The following is what she wrote about one of them:

mathLaura and Daniel knew their son well. In fact, Allen was not burning the midnight oil in the library. As graduation day approached, all three of them were greeted with an unwelcome reminder of his distracted approach to school; Allen could not march that spring because he was still three credits shy of the requirement. Holding up their son’s transcript, his adviser pointed out that he had taken the same economics course twice—one year apart. Allen hadn’t noticed. When his exasperated parents demanded an explanation, all he could offer up was that the class had been taught by a different professor, and held in a different room. He got a B both times around.

The Curmudgeon believes he has figured out the problem in this particular situation.

The writer’s nephew is an idiot.

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