He Should Spare Us His Outrage

No, not The Curmudgeon. He LOVES his outrage.

The Curmudgeon is referring to Vincent Hughes, a member of Pennsylvania’s state legislature.

And he is outraged – outraged, he says!


The physical condition of Philadelphia’s public schools.

Two recent incidents led to Hughes’s outrage.

About a month ago a boiler exploded at a Philadelphia elementary school, leaving a maintenance worker in critical condition.

Then, the heat failed at another elementary school last week, so the kids had to be sent home.

According to his own press release,

This is an outrageous situation and I know the schools in my district are not the only ones suffering right now. We must have a better idea of how many schools are hurting and we cannot wait another minute to find out.

Hughes’s plan: hold a hearing to review the matter.

To identify the extent of the problem. Not to fix the problem but to “have a better idea of how many schools are hurting…”

Here’s another idea: maybe Hughes should resign from the state legislature, where he’s had a bird’s eye view of this problem for 29 years.

Hughes is outraged over the physical condition of the city’s public schools and outraged over how poorly those schools are funded. This problem already existed when he was elected and it’s only gotten worse over the years. But now, Hughes has finally decided that he’s outraged about it.

Senator Van Winkle has awakened from his 29-year slumber.

Instead of dragging the mayor and teachers’ union president to a made-for-television tour of school facilities and calling for legislative hearings into a problem everybody has known about since The Curmudgeon was visiting those facilities five days a week as a student, maybe Hughes should just step aside, go get a real job, and give someone else a shot at a responsibility at which he has so miserably failed.

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