Loving Their Customers – But Just Some of the Time

There’s a tony little town not too far from where The Curmudgeon lives with the kind of charming, small (maybe three blocks) main street and business district where people like to stroll and maybe even occasionally shop at high-priced and strange but distinct little stores. The Curmudgeon would name the town but he suspects that what he’s about to observe is true of many similar places, so he doesn’t see a need to point a finger and suggest that just one place is doing this when the practice is probably reasonably common.

The Curmudgeon’s been spending some time in that town in recent months and he noticed that after Thanksgiving, the downtown parking meters were covered in green plastic, apparently to encourage people to shop in town with the help of free parking.

meterThen, after the new year, the green plastic was gone and those who wanted to shop were again required to feed the meter.

So that left The Curmudgeon wondering: does that mean the town only values people shopping in its stores for about 35 of a year’s 365 (and in leap year, 366) days? That the rest of the time our patronage is welcomed but not so essential?

And he wonders how the people who own the stores along the town’s main drag feel about having their town’s support just one month out of the year.



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