Really, REALLY Bad Timing

One of the risks television networks of all kinds face when they air reruns is that they might broadcast something that was culturally, politically, or socially appropriate at the time it was created but is somehow outdated or, even worse, offensive by today’s standards.

Like the bug-eyed black cook sliding on the wet kitchen floor while eyeing the clock that spins backwards in an old Three Stooges short.

A reference to the “Nips” in a McHale’s Navy rerun.

companyA movie featuring O.J. Simpson.

Or the entire premise of Three’s Company.

While lying on his living room floor and stretching before work earlier this week The Curmudgeon caught two minutes of Rachael Ray making what appeared to be a not-very-appetizing soup on the Food Network. While never much of a Rachael Ray fan, he has come to appreciate her more as that network becomes more about entertainment and less about food.

At one point Rachael was describing the nutritional virtues of her soup and decided to draw an analogy based on a comedian’s explanation of nutrition to his children: something about how the ingredients in cake include milk and eggs.

The comedian?

Not Bob Hope.

Not Jerry Seinfeld.

Not even Amy Schumer.


cosbyBill Cosby.

Are we still allowed to speak of Cosby? Don’t we have to pretend he no longer exists, or that he’s no longer funny, or even that he never was funny?

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