Employers Behaving Badly

The war against working people is being fought on many fronts.

Here are two.

toiletA suburban Philadelphia publisher has been fined $1.75 million for docking the pay of workers for – are you ready for this? – the time they spent going to the bathroom.

Yes, in the world of American Future Systems Inc., the need to heed nature’s call is a punishable offense subject to a reduction in pay.

The fine will be used to reimburse 6000 past and present employees for lost income associated with going pee-pee or poo-poo.

Interestingly, it’s not entirely clear what bothered the judge more: the very idea of docking people for going to the bathroom or that the amount docked prevented most of the company’s minimum wage workers from actually earning the minimum wage.

100 miles away, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the owner of a bookstore was fined $1800 for failing to pay overtime to some of his employees. That’s not a huge amount of money in the greater scheme of things, although it probably meant a lot to employees who probably make only a little more than minimum wage.

But this story has a twist.

The owner of the bookstore? He’s the mayor of Harrisburg.

Like most politicians caught doing such things, the mayor said it was all a mistake, a bookkeeping error.

But the snafu will probably make it impossible for him to run for re-election as a law and order candidate.







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