Biting the Hand You Want to Feed You

January’s major snow storm did more than leave a couple of feet of snow along much of the eastern seaboard. It also caused major flooding and beach erosion in New Jersey shore towns.

How much damage? An estimated $82 million worth.

christieEnough that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie asked President Obama to issue a disaster declaration for the state, which is the necessary precursor to federal disaster aid.

The Curmudgeon hopes President Obama invites Christie to the White House to discuss the problem, and that when he does, he quotes Christie’s words about the president back to the failed presidential candidate:

The American people have rejected your agenda and now you’re trying to go around it. That’s not right. It’s not constitutional, and we are going to kick your rear end out of the White House come this fall.

(You can see Christie make these comments here.)

And it won’t happen, because regardless of what you think about his politics or his effectiveness, Mr. Obama is clearly too much of a gentleman to do so, but The Curmudgeon, for one, hopes that the only rear end kicked out of the White House is Christie’s.

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