The Follow-Up Question They Never Ask About Trump

In the past few weeks The Curmudgeon has seen, heard, and read a lot of interviews of ordinary voters who say they support Donald Trump. When asked why, they generally say two things.

First, they like that he says what’s on his mind.

The Curmudgeon doesn’t really know how to respond to this because what’s on Trump’s mind, and what he says, are usually so colossally stupid that he finds it difficult to believe that anyone takes this carnival barker seriously.

Second, people say they like that Trump’s financing his own campaign and is therefore independent and not beholden to any campaign contributors.

trump moneyWhoever’s asking the questions at this point usually just moves on to other matters. What they never seem to do, though, is ask what The Curmudgeon believes is a necessary and important follow-up question:

Considering how much money it costs to run for president these days, does this mean you’re comfortable with the idea that from now on, only billionaires, people who are rich enough to fund their own campaigns, can run for president? Is that what you see for the future of your country: that only amazingly rich people will be able to lead it?

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  • pastorbeetle  On March 21, 2016 at 7:33 am

    Seems to me that the folks who “like that Trump’s financing his own campaign and is therefore independent and not beholden to any campaign contributors” would be all over the idea of public campaign financing. The only people the politicians would be beholden to are the tax paying public – which leaves out the corporations and billionaires.
    They aren’t. It’ll never happen.

  • foureyedcurmudgeon  On March 21, 2016 at 8:35 am

    Well, actually, there IS public financing of presidential campaigns. You’ve seen it: the check-off box on your tax return. It was adopted in the wake of Nixon’s money-laundering scandals and worked reasonably well until 2008, when then-candidate Barack Obama realized he could raise more than the government would give him and opted out of the system. Since then, every serious candidate has done the same. Even if we found a way back to that system – say, with more money – can you imagine a Supreme Court that gave us the Citizens United decision responding to a complaint from some rich guys that such a law was abridging their right to free ($$$) speech?

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