“Patrol and Secure”

As a conservative, Ted Cruz is the kind of guy who rails against what he views as unnecessary and wasteful government spending.

Yet this past week he proposed some pretty wasteful spending himself when, in response to the ISIS bombings in Brussels and heightened sensitivity to the possibility of such an attack on U.S. soil, he wrote on his Facebook page (because isn’t Facebook the forum through which we all want to hear from our presidential candidates?) that

We need to empower law enforcement to patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized.

Patrol and secure?

Patrol? Secure?

armbandWhy bother with such an old-fashioned, expensive way to track potentially dangerous people when Cruz can just adopt the much cheaper, tried and true practice of a head of state from another era and just require the people he hates and fears to wear an arm band or some other kind of identifying symbol or garment when out in public so he and his police can know where all those dangerous people are at all times?



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