What Do You Get When You Freeze Out Planned Parenthood?

More babies.

More babies born to Medicaid moms.

Possibly even more abortions?

Those rocket scientists who run the state of Texas were wise to those evildoers at Planned Parenthood long before the recent controversies that have erupted surrounding the organization.

A few years back Texas tried to cut Planned Parenthood out of Medicaid-covered family planning efforts but the feds didn’t let that happen. Undaunted, the state created a new program that excluded organizations affiliated with Planned Parenthood. In all, 82 family planning clinics in the state closed because of the program.

Did it have any impact?

Oh yeah.

According to a recent article in the New England Journal of Medicine, women living in areas that lost Planned Parenthood-affiliated family planning programs had reduced access to long-term birth control methods and relied more on short-term contraception approaches.

Okay, in theory a problem, but did it turn out to be a problem in reality as well?

Oh yeah.

Assuming, that is, that you think low-income women with a history of using birth control generally don’t want to have babies, because in the Texas counties that lost the Planned Parenthood programs, the rate of Medicaid-covered births rose.

Rose 27 percent.

Because of reduced access to birth control.

So Texas state policies are now effectively encouraging poor women on Medicaid to have babies.

And what about abortions?

Well, the study didn’t get into that, but you have to figure that if more women are getting pregnant because of reduced access to birth control, more women are seeking abortions, too.

So it looks like Texas state policies could now be driving up the abortion rate in Texas as well.

Oh, Texas!

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