With Friends Like These…

John Kasich is fighting hard to win enough delegates to prevent Donald Trump from sewing up the Republican presidential nomination before the party’s convention this summer. He – and many others – hope that if Trump doesn’t gain enough delegates to win the nomination outright they will have an opportunity to deny him the nomination at the convention.

kasichBuoyed by winning his home state’s primary – not exactly an accomplishment – Kasich has now set his sights on Pennsylvania, long a welcome place for moderate Republicans.

With this in mind, a committee that’s a virtual who’s who of Republican politics in Pennsylvania is throwing a major fund-raising event for Kasich. Among that who’s who is Robert Asher, currently a member of the Republican National Committee. Asher also is the former chairman of Pennsylvania’s Republican Party.

Asher has another “former” to his credit, too: he is a former guest at a federal prison. While chairman of Pennsylvania’s Republican Party in the 1980s – his party’s leader and leading voice – Asher was convicted of perjury, racketeering, conspiracy, and bribery in connection with the awarding of a state contract. Asher spent a year in jail for his crimes, after which he returned to politics and was welcomed back with open arms by his Republican brethren.

If John Kasich wants to be president, he needs to convince the public that he has the good judgment needed by the occupant of the Oval Office. Letting someone convicted of political corruption play an active role in his campaign fund-raising is not the way to do that.

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