It Costs HOW MUCH?

When the time came a few weeks ago to celebrate the Curmudgeonly Brother’s birthday, The Curmudgeon was assigned to purchase a cake. In his family it’s chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate, so the question was where to buy the chocolate cake. Always thinking outside the (cake) box, he decided to try someplace new: Carlo’s Bake Shop, a place in Marlton, New Jersey owned by the guy who was the star of a Learning Channel program called Cake Boss.

The smallest chocolate birthday cake was $23 but the chocolate mousse cake looked too good to resist: $30.

That’s an awful lot of money for a birthday cake. Still, little brother only turns 57 once, so…

And then came the question of whether The Curmudgeon was going to treat himself to a little something while he was there. Much of what he saw looked awfully good, but he’s been counting his calories lately so he was reluctant to indulge. There were prices on most of the items and they were awfully high, so he decided to compromise: indulge, but not too extravagantly and not too expensively. He chose a single, large chocolate chip cookie, because even though he’s not much of a cookie guy (except for one extraordinary cookie maker in Philadelphia), you can’t beat a good chocolate chip cookie.

chocolate chip cookieSo, was it a great chocolate chip cookie?

The Curmudgeon will never know. When the server rang up the sale and The Curmudgeon saw that a single cookie cost $3 he had the server remove it from his bag and his bill. He’s many things but a fool is not one of them and he’s certainly not going to pay $3 for one chocolate cookie – no matter how much he had his heart set on it by that time. He apologized to the woman for troubling her.

“It’s no bother,” she said. “It happens all the time here,” she added, giving him a very sympathetic look that suggested this wasn’t the first time she’d had such an exchange with a customer.

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