A New Kind of Celebrity Endorsement

The Curmudgeon was amused recently to read that the rapper Wiz Khalifa (The Curmudgeon has no idea who this person is) is dispensing with the usual celebrity business of endorsing clothes, electronic equipment, cars, or high-end alcohol and is going directly to endorsing…


jointAs reported by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review,

… the rapper had announced hours earlier that he’s partnering with Colorado-based RiverRock Cannabis to develop his own marijuana-related product line. This will include curated strains, infused products and concentrates, according to the press release.

 “It’s been a pleasure working with Wiz to create these products not only because of his respect for the plant, but also because of his commitment to political reform,” said RiverRock founder Norton Arbelaez.

Excuse The Curmudgeon if he finds himself even more curmudgeonly than usual at the suggestion of the rapper’s “respect for the plant.”

nelsonBut if a rapper can become the public face of legal marijuana, can a Willie Nelson brand be far behind?


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