Caitlyn and Grown Men Wearing Feathers

Philadelphia has this ludicrous but to some people wonderful and charming tradition called the Mummers Parade. On new year’s day, brigades of grown, mostly white men parade up and down the city’s main street wearing brightly colored feathers. Some play musical instruments, some dance, and most have had too much to drink. There’s music and some kind of performance built around a theme. They sometimes make fun of people, of traditions, and of events. One type of brigade, known as “the comics,” consists mostly of white men dressed up as women – women wearing feathers, of course. The brigades are organized into clubs and the clubs spend all year preparing for new year’s day. It’s a central activity in the lives of those who participate. It’s all stupid, but it’s stupid fun and entertaining to many people and it’s not meant to harm or insult.

jenner - beforeOn new year’s day this year, one of the comic brigades lampooned Bruce Jenner’s Wheaties box and, in the process, ran afoul of the political correctness police.

The following is a description of the event from the (obnoxious) web site:

The politically incorrect group was led during this year’s event by a man dressed as Bruce Jenner in all of his 1976 Olympic glory.

Standing in front of his iconic Wheaties box, lookalike Bruce Jenner flexed his muscles, celebrated a gold medal and even pretended to throw a discus, as children surrounded him with U.S.A. signs.

The flamboyant Jenner lookalike was then carted off in a wheel chair as Diana Ross’s 1980 hit “I’m Coming Out” played loudly.

Then a man wearing a “R.I.P. Bill Cosby” shirt introduced a sign showing a Fruit Loops box with a photo of post-gender transition Jenner on it. Bruce then reemerged dressed as Caitlyn to the tune of Aerosmith’s “Dude Looks Like a Lady.”

Others dance around him carrying signs showing the 1976 Bruce Jenner Wheaties box side-by-side with the 2015 Caitlyn Jenner Fruit Loops box mock-up.

(see it for yourself here)

And people were outraged! Outraged!

Mayor-elect Nitwit was outraged.

jenner - afterThe LGBT community was outraged.

Liberals were outraged.

The newspapers were outraged.

Outraged that a performance meant to be funny committed satire with intent to entertain.

Amid all the hubbub – The Curmudgeon is always looking for an opportunity to use the word “hubbub” and admits that too often in the past year or so he has resorted to “kerfuffle” instead because it may be just a tad more fun to say – a Philadelphia Inquirer columnist offered an interesting counterpoint to the argument made by members of the ignorant tight-ass club (with extra points for those who know the provenance of that “ignorant tight ass” reference) who were so outraged at the injustice visited upon poor, poor Caitlyn:

Bruce Jenner was not a timid, vulnerable, private person who underwent sex reassignment. He was the wild-card rumor machine of the Kardashian Family Flying Circus. This skit wasn’t a hurtful barb aimed at transgender people. It was a pie in the face of a shameless, posturing, publicity-seeking prevaricator’s unseemly, choreographed coming-out pageant.


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