Caitlyn Pees!

And it’s news!

Big news!

REALLY big news!

Last week the story rang out across the land: Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner, that human freak show who has put himself/herself on display like the bearded lady in the circus, entered a building owned by Donald Trump, at The Donald’s invitation, and took care of business in the ladies’ room.

And if that description of Jenner bothers you, consider this: she posted a video celebrating the experience on her Facebook page. (And no, The Curmudgeon isn’t giving you a link to that page. Find it yourself.)

No word on whether any newspaper editors questioned whether putting this story in their papers and on their web sites demeaned themselves, their staff, and their readers.

But if they absolutely, positively believe they needed to report this then they need to do a better job of reporting:  nary a word on whether Caitlyn stood or sat.

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