Suddenly They Don’t Think the Federal Government is So Bad After All

Like so many Republican governors, Rick Scott of Florida likes to criticize the federal government. Above all else, Scott and his fellow Republican governors want the federal government to stay out of their business and leave them alone to govern their states without any interference.

Until they want something from the federal government, that is. Then, like Chris Christie after Hurricane Sandy, they’re ready to be all nicey-nice.

In this case it’s all about Zika, which at least one nitwit believes claimed Prince as its first fatality on U.S. soil.

In Minnesota, of all places, that hotbed of winter-time, mosquito-borne diseases.

In February, Scott’s office put out a news release asking the federal government for 1000 Zika antibody tests and help training Florida health care workers on how to recognize and treat Zika.

Rick Scott for Florida, Rick Scott for GovernorThen, last week, Scott once again turned his empty palm to Washington and asked for help, stating in yet another news release that

…he will travel to Washington D.C. next week, May 11th and 12th, to meet with Congressional leaders on the importance of putting partisanship aside and treating the Zika virus threat like a hurricane, which triggers specific preparation and response efforts by the federal government.

He continued that

We don’t yet know for certain what will happen with this virus, but we owe our citizens a vigorous and thorough preparation effort at the federal level to best protect their health.

Guys with their hand out asking for help should be nice, but Scott couldn’t resist the temptation to bite the hand he wants to feed him.

While there is no doubt that Washington wastes money on many things, that vast history of wrongful spending should not stop the federal government from doing the right thing now by executing a robust plan to prevent and combat the spread of Zika in America.

Such a flatterer he is!

Then he resumed his begging:

Working together, Washington leaders can ensure Zika protection and response efforts are both fully funded and fully safeguarded against waste – just as they enact safeguards on emergency spending around a natural disaster.

But yet again he feels compelled to resort to partisanship while pretending to seek bipartisanship:

We have enough opportunity for politics in 2016. The federal government’s actions to combat Zika should be without political grandstanding, and solely focus on protecting our citizens from a dangerous threat.

When you think about it, the very act of making this request through a news release is nothing short of political grandstanding. Think about it: who acts like that? You’re a governor, you pick up the phone and you call whomever you call in Washington and say “Hey, we have a problem down here, can you help?” The only reason you make that request through a press release is to try to make someone look bad. It’s a classless way to operate, something only a punk would do.

Florida Governor Rick Scott is that punk, and he’s also a hypocrite: he loves criticizing the federal government, it’s practically a sport for him, but when a problem arises and he has no answers himself he wants – no, he pretty much demands – that the federal government bail him out and fix his problem for him. He is typical of the modern-day Republican governor, a species that barely existed even a few years ago but flourishes now like a contagious disease being spread by those little mosquitoes that are making Scott wet his political pants.

The reality, though, is that the help Scott wants from Congress is being held up by his fellow Republicans, not Democrats, and in the end, whether Congress comes up with the money or not, it’s the White House that’s going to have to come to Florida’s rescue, not Congress.

And it will, because President Obama has shown, time and time again, that he’s not going to let Americans come to harm because they made a terrible choice and elected a jerk as their governor.



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