Your Friendly Neighborhood Cable Company

Comcast, the cable mega-giant, suffered service outages across the country in mid-February.

That kind of thing happens once in a while. Mistakes are made, equipment breaks, there are power issues, and it’s hard to hold that kind of thing against a company – even a company that’s as easy to hate as Comcast.

And the company revealed that it would credit customers’ bills $2 for the loss of service, which is a nice thing to do.

But only if they call the company and ask for the credit.

Come again?

The Philadelphia Business Journal reported that a Comcast spokesperson told that

…customers must call Comcast to get the credit, as the company cannot apply an automated blanket credit.

Cannot? Cannot? Are we supposed to believe that with all of its vast technology, Comcast can’t deduct $2 from its customers’ bills?

Of course it can.

It’s not that it cannot.

It’s that it will not.

Author: foureyedcurmudgeon

The Four-Eyed Curmudgeon is a middle-aged male who is everything right-wing America despises: he is a big-city, ivy league-educated, liberal Jew. He currently resides in a suburb of Philadelphia. He chooses anonymity for the time being because this is his first experience blogging and he wants to get comfortable with it, and see if he likes it, before he exposes himself (figuratively speaking, of course) to the world.

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