College Football Causes…Rape?

So says three researchers.

As reported by the Harrisburg Patriot-News,

The economists found that home football games increase reports of rape by 41 percent on the day of the game while away games increase reports by 15 percent. They estimate that Division 1A football games cause between 253 and 770 additional rapes of college-aged victims per year across 128 universities.

The researchers – one from Texas A&M University, one from Montana State University, and one from the University of Wollongong, in Australia – didn’t try to soft-pedal their conclusion:

We can say that ‘football games cause rape incidents’ because in the absence of these football games we wouldn’t see these rape incidents.

This was no on-the-fly study (which you can read for yourself here.)

The three economists analyzed 22 years of FBI data from law enforcement agencies that serve 96 colleges with a Division 1A football team. Researchers correlated the reports of rape with home and away college football games.

 Out of the 128 universities with Division 1A football programs, Swenson said only 96 provided enough voluntarily documented sexual assault information that could be used for the study.

As he has written in the past, The Curmudgeon is no fan of college sports, but still, this seems a bit…extreme.

And a bit irresponsible to suggest.

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