If guns, including semi-automatic and automatic weapons, are to be available to anyone who passes a background check…


If the current background check is unable to screen out someone capable of killing 50 people and wounding more than 50 more (and this is in no way intended to be critical of the manner in which background checks are currently being performed)…


What’s the point of performing background checks on people who want to buy these guns…

And more important…

Why are we still permitting people to purchase to purchase and possess such automatic and semi-automatic weapons of mass destruction in this country?


(During our time together The Curmudgeon has written occasionally, but not too often, about guns and the havoc they are wreaking on our society. He has always done so cautiously, not only because he recognizes this as an issue on which reasonable people may differ but also because his own view on guns is probably unsatisfactory to both extremes in the argument.

In light of last weekend’s events in Orlando, he is devoting this week to the issue of guns. Today’s piece is original and the rest of the week will feature what he believes to be relevant encores – okay, reruns – of past pieces, including one that only appeared less than two weeks ago.  If you have something to say on the subject he would love to hear from you. If you have more than a little something to say he would be pleased to publish it as a free-standing piece rather than a comment at the bottom of the screen.)

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