Well, They Could Raise the Pay and Hire American Workers

Farmers and those who supply seasonal workers to farmers are unhappy that they’re being asked to comply with Obamacare requirements that they offer their employees access to health insurance and are potentially on the hook for paying for a portion of any insurance their employees buy or to pay a monthly fee of $300 for each employee who doesn’t.

We should feel sorry for the farmers, shouldn’t we?

We shouldn’t.

First of all, farm workers making minimum wage aren’t going to be buying health insurance anytime soon. They can’t possibly afford it.

Second of all, should we really feel sorry for farmers and those who supply seasonal workers to farmers because they feel oppressed by a law of the land that the rest of us are required to follow?

farm workersAnd third, the real problem in this situation, the problem that most of the farmers aren’t willing to talk about, is that those employees to whom they have to offer health insurance or pay a fine? Many are illegal workers: in the country illegally and working under the table. So the farmers who feel oppressed by one law apparently are perfectly happy breaking others.

The farmers have alternatives, though. They could hire legal workers. They could offer legal workers access to health insurance, which the legal workers are in no better position to afford than the illegal workers.

And if they can’t find enough legal workers willing to work for what they pay to pick their crops?

They could could try paying a decent wage instead of poverty wages.

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