More Nonsense in the Academic World

A while back The Curmudgeon wrote about a Rutgers University course that was all about Beyonce.

But Rutgers hasn’t cornered the market on silly school subjects.

A PhD candidate at the University of Pennsylvania recently completed a study on how American Idol losers handle their losses.


So which one is Shemp?

So which one is Shemp?

The sociology student auditioned for Idol himself in 2004 because he thought he could really sing; Simon and Randy told him he couldn’t (Paula wasn’t there that day). To gather information and insight for his study he spent a year working for two companies that produce reality shows (which he says he can’t name).

And his study was just published in the journal Symbolic Interaction – really, there’s such a publication –which describes itself as presenting

…work inspired by the interactionist perspective on society, social organization, and social life… The journal publishes research that develops interactionist theories, generates new methodological directions and ideas, and studies substantive topics from the interactionist perspective. It recognizes the increasing global interest in interactionist approaches, and actively encourages submissions from scholars working from a variety of affiliations.

Couldn’t you just vomit?

He says his findings help shed light on how people can cope with rejection.

The Curmudgeon thinks the people who hand out the PhDs at the University of Pennsylvania should give this student an opportunity to see if he learned anything useful about how to cope with rejection by rejecting his thesis and kicking him out of the school.

Along with the faculty member who approved such a ridiculous project.



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  • Peaches Shimmerdeep  On July 6, 2016 at 12:05 pm

    The Donald went to the University of Pennsylvania.

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